The system known as The Science of the Cards or Cards of Destiny shows us our 52 deck of playing cards was brought into this world originally as a system of symbology and purpose in providing a tool for guidance in regard to our paths to enlightenment.

Below is a  list of symbology used in the Science of the Cards symbols based on the works of Edith L. Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell, M.A.

2 Colors: Red and Black:
 Positive and Negative,
 Male and Female

4 Suits:
Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades,
The four Elements,
The four Seasons

12 Court Cards:
 4 Kings, 4 Queens,  4 Jacks
12 months of the year

52 Cards:
52 weeks of the year

13 Cards in each suit:
The 12 signs of the zodiac plus the sun